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We offer modern marking technologies for marking various products. Some methods might perform better on bigger surfaces while other on smaller ones. Some of them are more demanding, while other might work even with more complicated materials or unusual shapes. We provide our experience and our technical support in matching the right marking method to your needs. We will gladly advise you on what method should you choose to achieve the best possible result.


Product marking methods:



This method is based on printing with special ink on the paper adjusted to sublimation process (transfer), then transfering it into given polyester fabric using sublimation press by means of high temperature. Sublimation is the most durable method of marking – the quality of printing stays untouched, even after multiple washing. The graphics is imprinted into the fabric, unsensed when touching the surface.


The most prestigious and effective marking method. Embroidery stands out from other methods due to its durability and resistance to rubbing off and discoloration – it does not fade or crumble. It does not get affected by washing or ironing.

The products are embroidered one at a time, which makes it possible to make each piece according to an individual project.

We have 15-color machine with a maximum embroidery surface of 30×40 cm at our disposal.


A universal marking technique that can be successfully used on many types of materials such as cotton, jersey and plastics. This method is recommended for marking single-color microfiber towels. It allows you to make a print limited only by the size of the screen (approx. 45 cm).

The screen printing carousel allows us to print up to 8 colors. The use of very durable printing inks guarantees that the prints are resistant to UV radiation, moisture, mechanical damage and washing.

We prepare the matrix according to .cdr, .eps, .ai. graphic files.

Karuzela sitodrukowa umożliwia nam drukowanie maksymalnie 8 kolorów. Zastosowanie bardzo wytrzymałych farb drukarskich gwarantuje, że nadruki są odporne na promieniowanie UV, wilgoć, uszkodzenia mechaniczne czy pranie.
Matrycę przygotowujemy na podstawie przesłanych plików graficznych .cdr, .eps, .ai.


Printing technique based on thermal welding of previously prepared FLEX film cut into the material in the shape of the desired emblem or logo on the plotter. This technology allows to make even a small number of copies. The biggest advantage of this method is its price and excellent print quality. With its help you can mark on different types of surfaces. Up to 6 colors can be used.

Matrycę przygotowujemy na podstawie przesłanych plików graficznych .cdr, .eps, .ai.


Hot stamping or hot die stamping is a printing technique using convex dies made of heat-conducting material. This method is a form intended for marking quick-drying towels made of microfiber, it allows the logo to be transferred to the surface of a towel made of 100% polyester microfibers.


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