Rules for the preparation of graphics files:
1. Projects must be prepared in the vector-graphic format: *.cdr, *.ai, *.eps;
2. Texts used in the draft should be converted into curves;
3. Colors must be given according to the Pantone;
4. There is a possibility to print pictures on the fabric. In case of printing pictures, files should have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. To each graphic design, there should be additional jpg. file attached

1. For calendering towels, blankets, headscarves and other easy-shrinkable materials, tolerance in size: width, length +/-2,5 cm in offered size;
2. In the case of production there should be taken into account:
(a) quantity tolerance up to +/-10%;
(b) quality up to 10% of II grade (II grade 15% cheaper than I grade)

Sublimated products:
1. May differ from the sample +/-1 shade depending on the kind of material used;
2. Several pieces made in the same real-time may differ from the matching color +/-1 shade due to different temperatures in the heating duct;
3. An offset may occur against graphics accepted model due to the natural machine vibration;
4. In case of products calendered one-sided, the left side always remains white;
5. In case of products calendered two-sided, each side may differ in color +/-1 tone from the other one – because of the double dragging the material through the heating duct;
6. Products like scarves, bags, tablets etc. may be offset in relation to the graphics of the first page up to 1 cm;
7. Scarves, in case of a standard method, are carried out without paper spacers which may cause a puncture of natural color on the other side of the fabric.
8. In case of puncture of color on the other side, there should be paper spacers used in order to eliminate this effect, which is however connected with additional cost.

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