[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The owners together with the employees of SDX GROUP Sp.z.o.o. Established the Code of Ethics in the written form of the key rules used by them in everyday work.
The Code of Ethics in SDX GROUP Sp.z.o.o. was created on the basis of the most important rules regulating the behaviour of the operator towards employees, clients, competitors, suppliers and the environment.

The Code of Ethics in SDX GROUP Sp.z.o.o. is the obligation for the company and the workers to act according to the highest standards. All the supervisors are responsible for acting according to the rules as well as creating the proper conditions for the workers to respect them. The owners and the employees are obliged to obey the regulations described in this document and they should act according to the given examples.

Our values:
– Satisfaction of our client
– Honesty and accuracy
– Professionalism
– Trust and cooperation
– Improvement and development

SDX GROUP Sp.z.o.o.. promotes sustainable development, aiming at balance among economy, ethics and ecology. In business we are guided by high ethical standards, creating partnership with the customers, employees, suppliers and our surroundings, and especially with the local government administration, media and public organizations.

SDX GROUP Sp.z.o.o. promotes ethos of honest and reliable work. It supports the development of employees and provides them with safe and proper work conditions. SDX GROUP Sp.z.o.o. ensures each person respect of his rights and dignity. We do not accept any kind of discrimination because of origin, sex, beliefs, preferences or belonging to organizations acting according to the law.
SDX GROUP Sp.z.o.o. claims that ethical behaviour means both obeying set social and law standards as well as the rules given hereby in the Code.

The examples of proper behaviour:

We provide the best customers service to all the clients, no matter the scope of cooperation and the turnover is
We actively and willingly meet client’s Leeds, trying to foresee his expectations as well as search for improvements in our cooperation.
In case of Any problems, we advise our clients and we look for the Best solutions.
We never promise service or activities impossible to fulfil.
If we cannot meet the client’s expectations, we always explain why.
We always inform our clients and co-operators about any possible change in our system or way of service, which may concern them.
We inform our clients quickly and honestly about any quality changes in completing the order.
We answer the letters, e-mails and phone calls efficiently and without any delays.
We narrow down the flow of redundant information e.g. we send e-mails only to the person who it may concern.

Honesty and Reliability

In our contacts with customers, workers and partners, we obey the rules and general standards. We price honesty and we feel responsible for our deeds. We disseminate good benchmark in terms of standards and react against for misbehaviour of the others.

The examples of proper behaviour:

We care for high quality of customer service and we are aware of personal responsibility for our work.
We keep both written and oral promises and commitments.
We keep the deadlines and promises given to our customers e.g. we appear right on time at the meetings, we give in our offers on agreed day.
We check the information thoroughly before forwarding it to our customer or co-worker.
We give honest information to customer’s enquiry e. g. about the status of their order.
We follow the changes in any regulations, by-laws and procedures and we use them in our daily duties.
We admit making mistakes and try to correct them. Being able to foresee the consequences we react to the mistakes made by our friends, so as to enable making up for them.
We react to any attempts of corruption and dishonesty using the procedure of intervention.
We always fulfil the terms of co-operation. In case of any obstacles, we search for the optimal solutions beneficial for both sides.


We aim at constant improvement of our standards and quality of our work, so that to achieve the set targets. We have the know-how and skills to fulfil our tasks. We are consequent in what we do.

The examples of proper behaviour:

What we should do
We know our duties we have got clearly set aims and we are familiar with the ways of implementation. We provide our employees with access to information necessary to fulfil their duties. 2. We respect the time of our clients, suppliers and co-workers.
We care for the reputation of our clients and secure the information received in the process of co-operation.
We obey the confidentiality of information concerning the prices, co-operation conditions and any other data which would do any harm to SDX GROUP Sp.z.o.o., our customers and suppliers or legal provisions.
We give promises to our customers, according to our current abilities and standards.
We define the conditions precisely and we avoid unclear situation in co-operation both with customers and suppliers.
We treat the knowledge concerning our competitors as impulse to improve our service. We never speak badly about our competitors in presence of our clients.
We are aware that our deeds influence the image of SDX GROUP on the market.

Trust and co-operation

While fulfilling our duties we strengthen the partnership. We are kind and open to our clients and co-workers. We care for our reliability keeping promises. We help each other sharing our knowledge and information.

The examples of proper behaviour:

We create the atmosphere of open and direct exchange of our opinions. Each opinion is precious.
We treat the others In the way we want to be treated.
Each time we compete with each other (e.g. internal competitions) we always act fair play.
We promote the original creators of success and achievements, we do not father it on us.
We always react when we notice someone working in dangerous or life-threatening way.
If we see that co-worker is overloaded with work, we try to help him or her.
We do not leave unsolved cases to co-workers.
We evaluate employees and suppliers on basis of clearly stated criteria known to both sides.
We aim at amicable solutions in friendly atmosphere and respect of dissent in case of disagreements. Our likes and dislikes cannot influence doing the tasks.
We are aware of the fact that company’s interest is more important than the group or local interest.

Improvement and Development

We constantly and actively aim at the improvement. We gain new knowledge. We care for development of our skills. We are pro-active. Instead of complaining, we improve the processes by proposing new solutions and eliminating mistakes.

What we should do

The examples of proper behaviour:

We constantly search for improvement in processes in which we participate. Problems appearing are treated as new experience which is a good opportunity to change for better.
We monitor and actively react to changes in the organizations, our clients and competitors. We do not neglect introducing innovations without understanding their purpose.
We creatively develop the ideas appearing in different places of organization and aim at their implementation.
We create proper conditions for development of innovation.
We admit to ignorance or lack in competence. We actively aim at gaining both with the support of our supervisor. We do not make the same mistakes twice.
We share the responsibility for the effects of training in which we participate (together with organizers and leaders). We use the knowledge and skills gathered during the training to improve our daily work.
We share knowledge and ideas. We use the meetings, e-mails as the source of inspiration and sharing our experience, which helps us strengthen our competence.
We educate ourselves, improve qualifications with the particular stress on the area which directly concerns our work.
We are not afraid of expressing and taking critics, noticing the chance to improve in this way. The openness to take critic is especially important in case of supervisors and directors. In critics we focus on cases, not on people.
We treat monitoring and audits as an impulse to improve and develop.

Conflict of Interest – Clients, Suppliers and Competition

SDX GROUP Sp.z.o.o. is guided by the rule of clearness in running their business. All the people working in the company are obliged to avoid relations and circumstances which may cause situations ethically doubtful. We absolutely obey the ban on material benefit from our suppliers and other business partners. Disobeying such ban is treated as gross violation of duties.
We do not take or give any presents to our clients or suppliers. We develop good relations with our partners with basis on professional approach and clear rules of co-operation. In case of choosing the supplier, we are guided by advantages of product or service they offer, as well as fair trade. There should be clear criteria of choosing the supplier established before the tender begins. All the suppliers taking part in tender should be provided with the same information concerning the tender conditions. A person being in close relation with the bidder cannot decide upon the choice of the supplier. The choice of supplier should be made by at least two persons. We try to avoid the situation which may cause a conflict between personal and company interests, while contacting our clients or competitors. Any possible social contacts between SDX GROUP Sp.z.o.o. employee and client’s or competitor’s employee should not influence working conditions or the work itself.

Limitations in Employment Policy

We do not create on purpose any situations which may cause conflict of interests. Such situation cannot be made confidential. In case it happened, it must be reported to the supervisor immediately. SDX GROUP Sp.z.o.o. employee can work for both our company and our client or supplier only if agreed by the supervisor and only when it does not collide with SDX GROUP Sp.z.o.o. Most of all it cannot be competitive with SDX GROUP Sp.z.o.o. and nor influence in negative way on fulfilling the duties in the company.

Data Protection –Information Security

All data and information gained or created during fulfilling business duties constitute SDX GROUP Sp.z.o.o. property and can be used only for its purposes.
We do not forward confidential information intended for internal use without supervisor’s allowance.
We care for introducing into the system and forwarding only true and confirmed information.
Information which can influence gaining benefits or minimizing negative consequences for SDX GROUP Sp.z.o.o., should be forwarded immediately to supervisors. We use equipment, systems and information only according to the internal SDX GROUP Sp.z.o.o. procedures and current law.
Obeying Law Standards
Company’s Business Protection
We do not use working in SDX GROUP Sp.z.o.o. to obtain unjustified personal benefits. Contacts with clients and suppliers cannot be used to getting opportunities for preferential purchase. We do not have any other material benefits because of our position in the company.
Each worker is obliged to protect SDX GROUP Sp.z.o.o. assets, as well as client’s assets from theft, loss, damages or improper usage.
We avoid using sub-suppliers who are connected with our competition.
We obey the external and internal law standards, as far as financial reports and SDX GROUP Sp.z.o.o. regulations are concerned.

Protection of the Environment

Taking care of our environment, we use only environmentally friendly technologies, and we do not exceed set environmental norms.We lead our company in such a way, so as not to be harmful for our neighbours. We aim at minimizing fumes emission and noise level.We try to reuse packaging and produce as little waste as possible. We use waste management through waste separation and modern way of reprocessing.We try to use materials and raw materials which are the least harmful for the environment. We place at first position people’s lives and health, as well as sustainability.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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